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2. The V of Victory Vision & Objectives C.A.I.P. – with or without the co-operation of the well-known PNC Bank.

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Ultimate Homepage Irrigateafrica.link accumulates traffic with, or without the co-operation of the well-known PNC Bank (emerged from a Pittsburgh National Corporation), a family-bank for Americans (only???).

V of victory for Vision & Objectives of C.A.I.P.
  V of victory – Vision & Objectives C.A.I.P.

PNC Bank Financial Services (Wikipedia)

PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (stylized as PNC) is an American bank holding company and financial services corporation based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Its banking subsidiary, PNC Bank, operates in 21 states and the District of Columbia with 2,459 branches and 9,051 ATMs.The company also provides financial services such as asset management, wealth management, estate planning, loan …

 Ultimate Homepage Irrigateafrica.link for Comprehensive Irrigation;                                         PNC-Bank-Bank-Logo-evolution-history-and-meaning-1280x730-pix.jpg             Ultimate Homepage Irrigateafrica.link; PNC-Bank-Bank—Logo-evolution-history-and-meaning-1280 x 730-pix.jpg.

So, WHAT will PNC Bank invest to let the ‘economic interaction’ between today’s USA and the African Union grow?? It SHOULD be mentioned on this Ultimate Homepage Irrigateafrica.link for Comprehensive Irrigation. Two incentives:

– PNC Bank has thrived through the services of African originated ‘aborigines’.

– Where does she gain her gold-reserves from? Through the services of African originated ‘aborigines’: from the African continent … (and South-American Continent).

– No investment in the gold-reserves from Africa AND infra-structure of the Continent??

I understand (as a medical doctor, international lawyer, and business-admin): you leave that perk to the People’s Republic of China and USSR ….

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So Far: Ultimate Homepage Irrigateafrica.link, the V of Victory – Vision & Objectives of C.A.I.P.

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